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New PBS Designs (4 June 2006)

YesIAmAnIdiot of Idiot Studios has begun working on concept designs for the characters.


More designs will be listed as they are released.

Won FOTW! (6 Feb 2006)

The award from the BSFWiki.


  • Psycho Bonus Stage by Psychosis
    • Votes: Accept (5), Neutral (1), Decline (0), Total (5.5)
  • Accept: Psycho Bonus Stage has very wicked plots and a very good storyline. --Duffman Although he may have been talking about his own made-up plots.
  • Accept: Really fun. --Mandy
  • Accept: I've read a few of these, and they are superbly awesomistic. --Mashi
  • Accept: Coolness, and I need to vote. --Thatguyinthesky
  • Accept: Definately deserves FoTW. They obviously take lots of effort to make, plus they're entertaining and funny. — Bubsty
  • Neutral: It is definitely funny, however, this whole "Clan takes over" has gotten a bit out of control, thus making my vote a Neutral. --Rubyrulez

Fanstuff of the Week Nomination (3 Feb 2006)

PBS has been nominated for Fanstuff of the week on the BSF!

PBS - The Collaborative (25 Jan 2006)

PBS just became a collaborative! Due to consideration over the PBS series, Psychosis allowed Rubyrulez, Hagurumon, and Shippinator Mandy to collaborate together to create the 3 Fanbase Adventure episodes - The Error From Beyond Keenspot, Virtual Simulation and Matt Vs The Fanbase.

Psychosis also created a new plot called "Fanbase Invasion", where Mandy, Ruby and Hagurumon would enter the program.

Update (23 Jan 2006)

A new episode (Rebuilding Rya) was created, and a new plot/spinoff (shortlived) called Big Brother Bonus Stage, the first crossover in PBS. Characters were also listed.

PBS Begins (8 Jan 2006)

It began as just another fanseries, filled with homemade episodes. The only episodes available are Rip, Behind the HTML and The Day The World Did Stuff Me Up, as well as 6 other episodes. It was originally hosted on the Bonus Stage Fanstuff Wiki.

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